The Beauty of Loving Everything and Everyone

Posted on Jul 1 2013 - 10:15am by Superna Verma

Show Love to Everything and Everyone -

Loving & Living. These two words are the most beautiful for those who have known it and the most difficult for those who haven’t. Life revolves around just these two however for knowing the two you must know what you have to give in return. You may not want to give what you have limited in supply or resource but what about something which you already have in abundance, would you want to give that? Just for a while, let yourself believe that what you give will come to you in double the quantity, the abundance of it will never fall short.

Loving someone or something never involves a cost and is always priceless. The problem however comes to surface when reciprocation of feelings and emotions is expected. What a beautiful world would it be, if we just give each other what we want, a little time and a little love! And I do not just mean loving ‘human beings’ while referring to this give and get, I mean everything, everyone.

Love just by acknowledging

Show your love to the bed, the pillow and the quilt which ensures your comfort and lets you sleep. To the ground which takes your burden all the time, the sun which shines on your face, the mighty colorless water which quenches your thirst, the air which keeps you alive. They haven’t asked anything in return, by merely acknowledging what they do for you, you can love them back.

Love the unknown

There is a stranger whom you saw passing by; he/she shares that moment of the universe with you. Can you say in your heart-thanks for being there, you make this part of the moment complete. Smile and move on. The moment you say it, a command from your heart will flow to your brain which will make an upward curve on your face and will send peace back to your heart.

Lend a hand, lend a shoulder

When the time is tough on your side, there is someone around you who is going through a tougher time. Look forward to lend a helping hand or a shoulder, comfort the person with your silence or if you find a few kind and hopeful words, say it to them softly. You will wonder on the calmness it will render and your tough time will become a little less tough than before.

Connect to your world

You have your own world in this world. Try and connect to it once in a while, call up your family and friends, talk about your childhood, flip over old photo albums, listen to the songs you used to hum in your teens. Tell a kid about the game which you loved when you were his/her age. Write down/count your blessings. Get into a talk with God or self. Let the expression flow without hindrance, you may smile, laugh or cry. Just let some moments be what they are without judging.

Loving is the way of living, these can be two words in the dictionary however they do not exist in isolation. Love exists in each of us and it’s in abundance, just open your heart and let it flow. The time we have isn’t going to stay forever, but the love you give to the world is eternal.

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