6 Signs She’s the Woman You Should Marry

Posted on Jan 12 2015 - 12:43pm by Sarah Williams

Signs That Point to the Woman You Should Marry

Not every girl you date is going to be marriage material; that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t date her, just don’t propose. If, however, your lady friend checks out on the six signs below then you better listen to the Queen and put a damn ring on it.

1. She makes you feel safe

There’s a difference between a protective girlfriend and an over-protective one and a protective girlfriend is the only kind you should consider marrying.

Here’s how to distinguish between the two. It’s a Friday night. You’re out with some buddies when your phone suddenly dies. After losing track of time, you realize you told your girlfriend you’d be home over an hour ago.

Within this hour, an over-protective girlfriend will leave two angry voicemails, three text messages and a tweet demanding to know where you are and what her name is.

A protective girlfriend will use a much different tone of voice. She’ll be concerned for your safety, not your infidelity. She’ll give you the benefit of the doubt before assuming the worst.

This is the type of woman who will comfort you even when nothing’s wrong. She won’t enjoy making you jealous. And she certainly won’t make you feel weird when you ask to be the little spoon.

2. She doesn’t need you in her life; she wants you there.

Marrying a woman who would be absolutely lost without you might sound romantic but it’s actually not. Needy girlfriends are a handful and don’t understand the importance of space.

She should be your partner, not your shadow. She stands beside you because she wants to, not because she has nowhere else to go.

An independent woman has her own goals. She is self-motivated and doesn’t expect a helping hand. Offer her one anyway. She’ll appreciate your inspirational words just as much as a needy girl would. Maybe even more since your encouragement might come to her as a pleasant surprise.

3. She finds importance in the things that are important to you.

I’m referring to friends, family, hobbies, morals, and anything else you care about. A great woman wants to build relationships with these people. She’s interested in your pastimes, and maybe even wants to join in on them.

She’s engaged in your life and excited about your passions. Even if she doesn’t always agree, she’ll make an effort to see things through your eyes.

4. She doesn’t expect you to pay for everything.

Chivalry isn’t dead, and I hope it never dies, but there comes a time in every relationship when a woman should start chipping in. If your girlfriend gets annoyed when you ask her to split the bill, see it as a red flag. A woman who won’t help pay for dinner now certainly isn’t going to chip in on a house mortgage later. She’ll burn a hole in your pocket based on a very old-school principle. Don’t fall for it.

Being the man doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a free meal too.

5. She’s just as attracted to you as you are to her.

I’m talking about physical attraction… the steamy, passionate, “I-want-you-right-here-right-now” kind of attraction.

If you’re a man with sexual needs, and I think it’s safe to say all men are, marrying a prude woman might cause problems for your Happily Ever After. Sex should be exciting for both partners, always, and especially at the very beginning of a relationship. If the sex is hot and heavy while you’re young, there’s much less of a chance that it will sizzle out in time for your mid-life crisis.

The key to great sex is selflessness. A woman who really loves you, and loves making love to you, will care more about your sexual pleasure than her own. And that’s because she knows you’ve got her needs covered. Suddenly, she’s the one initiating foreplay and now you’re set for life.

Because when her pleasure is your pleasure and your pleasure is hers, guess who’s leaving satisfied… Everybody. Who would have thought the “Golden Rule” you learned in preschool would someday apply to your sex life?

Of course, practicing generosity isn’t only helpful in the bedroom. It should translate into the entire relationship. Her happiness becomes your happiness and vice versa. You no longer have to worry about yourself. She’s got your back and your front, if you know what I mean.

6. She makes you your best self.

If you find yourself smiling more, or caring more about your health, or whistling in the shower, or letting strangers ahead of you in line, or laughing at nothing, or reading more, or hustling at work, or sleeping better, or waking up more easily.
If you find yourself drinking less, or not smoking at all, or appreciating the little things, or being more optimistic… All because you have her in your life and you want to make her proud of you and her pride makes you proud of yourself. If you find yourself in this situation then don’t be surprised the moment you look at her and realize, “I want to feel like this for the rest of my life.”

And you can. All you have to do is ask.


Image Credits: Dennis Skley

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